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Burnley Council is all about working hard for you - residents of the borough.

The links on this page go straight to information about the main services we provide – just click the images for the service or issue.

There are icons you can click at the top of every page for the things you want to book, to report, to apply for and to pay for.

It’s all part of our drive to make it easy for you to let us know what we need to act on, and to sort things out.

You can also link to the other main sections in the website. As well as residents' pages on our main services, there are sections about doing business in Burnley; visitors’ information, including lots that you will want to find out about; the latest news and views on the borough, and facts and information about the Council’s work and decisions.

Click here if you are looking for Environmental Health or Licensing services

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Town Hall Talk

29th October

Decorations, costumes and get-togethers go hand in hand with Halloween festivities.

And whether you’ve caught the DIY bug from creating your own Halloween costumes previously or you’re getting crafty for the first time, we have picked out some of the things at the Burnley Market that will make it easy to trick out your house for the spookiest night of the year.

Probably the most well-known Halloween decorations are carved pumpkins, known as jack-o’-lanterns. You’ll need to a couple of pumpkins and Burnley Market has an array of them available in different sizes and shapes. You can find them at All Fruits and Nugents stalls located at the heart of the market.

The next step requires getting your carving tools out. If all these years you’ve been hopelessly zig-zagging your knife in and out of the pumpkin and making more of a mangle horror show than a nicely carved piece of art, then worry no more. Follow these simple steps which will smooth the process for this year’s Halloween:

Stocking up sweets’ supplies for trick-or-treaters is always a good idea before they come barging on the door.

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For: Buses, Schools, Libraries, Registrars Office, Highways, Social Services

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Burnley - the most enterprising town in britain award winner 2013 Investors in People - Champion