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Burnley Council is all about working hard for you - residents of the borough.

The links on this page go straight to information about the main services we provide – just click the images for the service or issue.

There are icons you can click at the top of every page for the things you want to book, to report, to apply for and to pay for.

It’s all part of our drive to make it easy for you to let us know what we need to act on, and to sort things out.

You can also link to the other main sections in the website. As well as residents' pages on our main services, there are sections about doing business in Burnley; visitors’ information, including lots that you will want to find out about; the latest news and views on the borough, and facts and information about the Council’s work and decisions.

Click here if you are looking for Environmental Health or Licensing services

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Town Hall Talk

14th July

What a great night.

The annual Burnley Community Sports Awards last week were a privilege and a pleasure to be at.

There were outstanding displays from young people. They entertained the volunteers, coaches and unsung heroes who run the sports clubs and programmes which are so important to the town.

The sky dancers really impressed, starting the evening by coming down onto the Burnley Mechanics stage on big blue ribbons!

Mark Foster, one of the most successful swimmers ever and a television personality, had accepted the invitation to give out the prizes.

He was an inspirational guest speaker.

He's competed in the Olympic games five times for our country, has held six World Championship titles, two Commonwealth titles and ten European titles.

But what was his message?

That however high anyone climbs in their chosen sport, they all started at a local swimming pool, running track or sports club.

That every elite performance depends on the work of the mums and dads, the volunteers, the secretaries and fund raisers who support their children, young people and other club members in towns like Burnley.

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For: Buses, Schools, Libraries, Registrars Office, Highways, Social Services

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Burnley - the most enterprising town in britain award winner 2013 Investors in People - Champion