About the Council

Burnley Council is a democratic organisation.

It’s run by people who are elected by you – the residents of the borough.

Our 45 elected councillors decide policies on local services and how the council's money is spent.

Click here to go to our dedicated 'micro-site' about all aspects of democratic decison making at Burnley Council.

You can find out about your local elected councillors.

You can find the minutes of previous council meetings and papers, and agendas and reports for upcoming meetings.

This section also includes Burnley Council's Constitution.  This includes a diagram showing the council's management team stucture.

And you can also find out about your Member of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament and Parish Councils too, as well as finding out which outside Bodies the council appoints members to.

If you are a contractor or supplier, you can find information about doing business with Burnley Council and find out about current and upcoming tender opportunities