Application APP/2016/0021

ProposalProposed erection of 202no. houses with associated access, open space and landscaping
Development Address Land Former Wm Blythe Chemicals Manchester Road ,
ApplicantGleeson Homes And Temple Fields 523 Ltd
Land Former Wm Blythe Chemicals Manchester Road , HAPTON, BB12 7LF
OfficerJanet Filbin
Key DatesValid date: 21/01/2016
Eight week date: 21/04/2016
Consultation sent on: 25/01/2016
Consultation expires on: 15/02/2016
Advertised on: 05/02/2016
Advert expires on: 26/02/2016
Committee date: 30/06/2016
Decision date: 13/12/2016
DecisionFull Planning Permission Granted
Date: 13/12/2016
Decision level: DC Committee
Attached Files(superseded) 201 dwelling type
(superseded) 202 dwelling type
(superseded) 301 dwelling type
(superseded) 302 dwelling type
(superseded) 303 dwelling type
(superseded) 304 dwelling type
(superseded) 307 dwelling type
(superseded) 309 dwelling type
(superseded) 310 dwelling type
(superseded) 311 dwelling type
(superseded) 401 dwelling type
(superseded) 403 dwelling type
(superseded) 404 dwelling type
(superseded) 405 dwelling type
Air Quality Assessment
Application Form
Design and Access Statement
Drain Alert Report
Existing site plan and topographical survey
existing situation
Extended Phase I Habitat Survey and Protected Species
Flood Risk Assessment
Geo-Environmental Appraisal_Part1
Geo-Environmental Appraisal_Part2
Geo-Environmental Appraisal_Part3
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Location Plan
Mitigating measures
(superseded) Remediation Strategy_Part1
(superseded) Remediation Strategy_Part2
(superseded) Remediation Strategy_Part3
(superseded) Remediation Strategy_Part4
(superseded) Remediation Strategy_Part5
(superseded) Remediation Strategy_Part6
(superseded) Residential Layout Plan Rev C (without topographical survey)
(superseded) Residential Layout Plan Rev C Coloured (without topographical survey)
(superseded) Residential Layout Plan Rev C
(superseded) Residential Layout Plan
Site Location Plan
(superseded) Site Masterplan
Socio-Economic Benefits Report
(superseded) Street Scenes (coloured)
Transport Assessment and Appendices
Travel Plan and Appendices
Tree Survey (Additional)
Tree Survey and Impact Assessment
Tree Survey Drg
visual impact assessment
Amended Planning Statement
(superseded) Travel Plan V4 & Appendices
Amended Travel Plan V4 & Appendices
HE Response Notice
Revised Remediation Strategy Part 1
Revised Remediation Strategy Part 2
Amended Character Area Layout
Amended Presentation Plan
(superseded) Amended Proposed Site Layout
Amended Proposed Street Scenes
Amended 201(X)-8 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 202(T)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 212(E)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 301(AC)-8 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 302(W)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 303(X)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 304(V)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 307(Z)-10 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 309(S)-10 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 310(S)-10 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 311(G)-8 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 313(E)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 400(T)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 401(AC)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 403(X)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 404(W)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 405(X)-9 Rural 13 ELEVATIONS
Amended 406(Z)-10 Rural13 ELEVATIONS
(superseded) Proposed Site Layout - 1-500
Bat Survey Report
(superseded) Proposed Site Layout
Full Report
(superseded) Amended Site Layout
Officer Report
Ecology Report
Amended Proposed Site Layout - 1-500 Rev N
Amended Proposed Site Layout 1-1000 Rev N
decision notice
Officer report
Former Wm Blythes site 1 S106
Former Wm Blythes site 2 S106
Canal & River Trust Comments
Ecology Survey