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Applications to the 2021 Stocks Massey Bequest closed on Friday 14th May 2021. Important information for 2021 applications
1. What is the Stocks Massey Bequest?

Edward Stocks Massey left a large sum of money in his will for the benefit of the inhabitants of Burnley. This sum was invested by the then Corporation and has been maintained by trustees over the years to allow an annual sum of money to be granted to Burnley residents to advance the arts in the borough.

The annual income was originally divided between the Municipal Orchestra, Towneley Hall, and education grants to local individuals.

Burnley currently has the Edward Stocks Massey Gallery at Towneley Hall, and the Massey Music Library at Burnley Central Library, both of which were funded by the grant.

2. Who is Edward Stocks Massey?

Edward Stocks Massey was born in Brierfield in 1850. In 1883 Edward and his brother Charles became partners of his brothers firm Massey's Brewery, in Burnley. This is where they made their fortune.

The Edward Stocks Massey Bequest fund was established by his will after his death, childless, in 1909. He bequeathed the town of Burnley £135,000. He had a keen interest in music and was a choirmaster of St Luke's Church in Brierfield.

3. Who is eligible to apply to this fund?

The grant is available to individuals and organisations in the town for education, the advancement of science, learning music and other arts within the borough.

There are also two Higher Education Student Support Scholarships available each year to assist young people of Burnley who have gone into further education in the borough, and who have achieved a place at a higher education institution.

4. How do I apply?

A public notice is published in the Burnley Express every year during April/May inviting applications.  

Please note that an application that meets the relevant criteria of the bequest is no guarantee that an award will be made; grants awarded in previous years are also no guarantee of future awards and a previous unsuccessful application does not prevent any future applcations. Please note that bequest funds are limited.

For the student scholarships, students must be nominated by their previous school or college, and have demonstrated academic achievement, contribution to school/college life and/or difficulty in financing their higher education.

If you require further details on student scholarships please contact 

In conjunction with preparing an application please also read the 'Privacy Notice' in downloads opposite detailing how we will use the information you provide to us as part of an application.

5. Who decides if my application was successful?

A joint advisory committee will consider all applications, and this committee will have three County Councillors, two Burnley Councillors and four Trustees of the bequest who will make a joint decision.

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