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Environmental Health

Environmental Health



National Lockdown from 4 January

Information on the New National Restrictions, including what they mean for working from home and business closures, why they are being introduced and the financial support available.

Once you have clicked the link to the New National Restrictions guidance, please refer to the specific guidance for businesses and venues that MUST close and businesses which can remain open (point 4) to help identify what is expected of your business.

Face covering rules have been extended and should be worn in hospitality settings except when sat at a table and also by users of taxi/private hire vehicles - download your poster (right).

In addition for those businesses required to take contact details, you MUST display an NHS code.  Click the link to create an NHS QR code

Suspected or Confirmed Covid 19 in a workplace:

Test and trace guidance explains how employers and businesses can play their part in the NHS test and trace programme to slow the spread of the virus, protect the health and care system and save lives.

A COVID-19 Workplace Resource Pack has been designed to help manage workplace outbreaks is now available on the Lancashire County Council website. Always default to using the link to receive the most up to date advice and guidance as it is regularly reviewed and may change. Employers should contact PHE Cumbria and Lancashire Health Protection Team by calling:

Phone: 0344 225 0562 option 2 or Out of office hours: 0151 434 4819

Burnley Council is making initial preparations for their part in test, tracing and COVID-19 outbreak management. It is likely that we will be expected to take a lead role in investigating any COVID-19 workplace outbreaks. In order to prepare for this, we need to have ready access to essential contact details (including an out of hours contact) for businesses within our Borough.

Dealing with possible Covid 19 cases in your business can be found in the Downloads section (right). 

Please take a moment to complete our online form here (should take no more than 2 minutes). Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. When prompted, you do not have to sign up or login but simply continue without an account.

Businesses still Operating and/or Re-opening

The latest guidance for employers, employees and the self employed on keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services is now available.

A poster for display in the hospitality sector, explaining the social distancing measures customers can expect to experience when they visit restaurants and pubs etc. can be found in the Downloads section (right).

The Government have produced practical guidance to help businesses in different sectors work safely during the Coronavirus pandemic. The first step to working safely is to carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment. An example COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be found in the Downloads section (right).

Barbour have produced a helpful Re-opening work premises guide.  This includes reminders to carry out important building safety checks including legionella & fire safety equipment tests before beginning to operate.

Refer to advice from the Drinking Water Inspectorate regarding Maintaining Drinking Water Quality when reinstating water supplies after temporary closure.

Businesses that must close/remain closed

To control further spread of Coronavirus, UK Government have implemented Regulations requiring certain businesses to close.

Closing certain businesses guidance has been published to support these Regulations.  This guidance and the list of businesses are under constant review, this should be checked frequently for updates.

Planning rules have been relaxed temporarily to allow food businesses to operate as takeaways. Burnley Council understand that businesses may look to change their business model and diversify in order to maintain their business during this time. A business is only in position to do this if they are already registered and regulated by the Local Authority.

Social Distancing Posters

Burnley Council has produced a poster pack.  You might want to put these in & around your premises to encourage staff and visitors to follow social distancing rules. The posters can be found in the Downloads section (right).

Food Advice

Guidance for Consumers on Coronavirus and Food 

Food Safety Guidance for individuals and groups providing food for Community & Foodbanks.

Food Businesses

Although scientific advice has reported that it is unlikely that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food, it is still vital that food business operators exercise effective hygiene controls, to ensure that food produced is suitable for human consumption and free from contamination.

The Food Standards Agency have produced Guidance for Food Businesses on Coronavirus (COVID-19), this should be read in conjunction with Re-opening & adapting your food business during COVID-19.  Food businesses that continue to trade should make themselves aware of this guidance and the Working Safely guidance (above) and ensure they are followed in full.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has also produced a really useful document for businesses operating as a takeaway.


A note of caution - think very carefully before providing “allergen free food”.  You need to consider whether you can control cross contamination.  Controlling allergens in your kitchen, will help you decide whether it is possible for you to provide allergen free food safely.


Monitoring checks will be carried out by Environmental Health to ensure that businesses are operating in accordance with Government COVID-19 guidance. 

If you require further advice or wish to report a business not following measures to control COVID-19 email us at

Stay Safe,


What Environmental Health Do

Burnley Council works with you to help your business succeed - and to make sure that the borough's residents get the best possible service.

For all environmental health issues that affect you or your business including:

  • Food safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Health and Safety

Our team also helps local food businesses to comply with EU food allergen rules which came into force in December 2014.

If you are organising a one off event where food and drink is being served or where noise issues might arise visit our pages on event safety for links and information.

Read more about environmental health by clicking the links in this section, or by completing and returning one of our downloadable forms.

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