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Burnley Council has a number of licensing regulatory and registration powers and duties. The Licensing Unit deals with the licensing and registrations of a wide range of people and premises including alcohol licences, sex establishments, gambling premises, street traders, Animal Welfare Licences and charitable collections. The unit also licences hackney carriages, private hire vehicles, drivers and operators.

Coronavirus information:

All council licensing services are now being provided remotely. All contact should be made by email to

Links to Gov.UK guidance covering COVID

This can be found HERE

Latest Guidance and Legislation in relation to Covid 19 status checks

You will be aware that from Wednesday 15th December 2021 the Covid pass must be checked as a condition of entry to certain venues and events. You are responsible for deciding if your venue or event comes within the scope of these regulations.

A set of guidance documents has been published by the government which you should read. The guidance explains which venues are included and how you should carry out checks at your venue, and what is required  in relation to your staff.

Guidance for businesses

Guidance relating to workers

The Covid Pass contains health information, which is personal, so it’s important that you don’t keep any data. Further data protection advice is available from the Information Commissioners Office here:

Checks that are required:

  • Nightclubs must check all customers
  • Premises selling alcohol on the premises between 1am and 5am, where there is also music and space for dancing must check all customers on the premises between 1am and 5am. This might be best achieved by checking all customers as they arrive through the evening.
  • Other in scope venues and events must check all customers, except in very limited circumstances, and with the agreement of the local authority, where a reduced number of checks can be carried out. A proforma will be available soon to assist you prepare the relevant documentation if you think this applies to you.


You will need to keep some simple records which are explained in the guidance. These will include a written plan detailing how you will carry out your responsibilities, and a record of the number of checks carried out each day, the number of refusals and any deviation from your plan etc. These records should be available for inspection.

Communications to Customers:

To make the checks as smooth as possible you are advised to use your social media channels and signage to explain how the checks will be carried out, and encourage customers to be patient.


You might want to consider an increased number of doorstaff to assist in managing queues and completing checks so that people can be admitted as quickly as possible.

Thank you

The Licensing Team

Burnley Borough Council




For information on selective licensing of landlords (Housing) please click here.



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