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Alcohol, entertainment and food

Coronavirus information:


All council licensing services are now being provided remotely. All contact should be made by email to


All licence holders must behave responsibly and adhere to closure or social distancing requirements as required. Failure to follow government guidance will result in enforcement action which can include Prohibition Notices, and directions to close as well as the possible review of the premises licence in due course.


Burnley is now subject to new national lockdown rules.


Regulations and guidance have been introduced that require the closure of certain licensed premises to protect against the risk to public health arising from Coronavirus.

Businesses Operating 

Find out How to Work Safely during the Coronavirus pandemic. Attached below are the links to the relevant Gov.UK pages.

Links to Gov.UK guidance covering COVID

What is required for test n trace from customers

Businesses Guidance

Here is a document from the British Institute of Innkeeping.

Barbour have produced a helpful Re-opening work premises guide.  This includes reminders to carry out important building safety checks including legionella & fire safety equipment tests before beginning to operate.

Social Distancing Posters


Burnley Council has produced a poster pack.  You might want to put these in & around your premises to encourage staff and visitors to follow social distancing rules. The posters can be found here. These are also available in Urdu & Bengali here.

Reopening & Noise Posters for 2021 

Two New posters for reopening in 2021 have been produced, one for Reopening, and one for Noise


The Licensing Act 2003

A Premises Licence is required for the sale or supply of alcohol, the provision of hot drinks or hot food between 11pm and 5am, or regulated entertainment. 

The Act

Premises Licences are issued in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.

Further information

Regulated entertainment is entertainment provided in the presence of an audience, for the purpose of entertaining that audience. For example:

  • the performance of a play
  • the showing of a film
  • an indoor sporting event
  • boxing or wrestling
  • a performance of live music
  • any playing of recorded music
  • a performance of dance
  • entertainment of a similar description (such as a circus).

It also includes the provision of entertainment facilities, that is facilities used for:

  • making music (for example, a karaoke machine)
  • dancing (for example, a dance floor)
  • entertainment of a similar description.

The sale or supply of alcohol must be carried out, or authorised by, a person who holds a Personal Licence.

If alcohol is to be sold or supplied at the premises, the Premises Licence must include the name of the designated premises supervisor, who must hold a Personal Licence.

Advice on operating an online alcohol delivery service

This advice can be found here

Making a representation objecting to or supporting an application

An information sheet is available here

A suggested form for making representions is here

Current applications made under the Licensing Act 2003

Whilst the COVID restrictions are in place a list of applications that are open for representations can be found below :-

Applications made for a Review of a Premises Licence

Review applications open for representations are listed below


Applications made for new Premises Licences /  Variations

Premises Licences /  Variations applications open for representations are listed below

Click here

Representations must be made via email to on or prior to the last date for representations.


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