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Taxi and private hire


Taxi and private hire

Coronavirus information:


Contact should be made by email to

Taxi Licence Application Processes:

Contact Burnley appointments are currently suspended.

If your taxi licence is due to expire we will write to you in advance with a reminder, which will explain the process currently in place to renew your licence.

Information on DBS services is available here 

General Covid Advice:


Frequently asked questions and links to relevant government guidance - see here for answers to some FAQ`s

Some practical safety guidance for those in the Taxi Trade is here - This will also be useful for passengers.  The latest Government guidance is here

Details on grants for drivers can be found here

Drivers are strongly recommended to wear face-coverings. Passengers now must wear one unless exempt. All vehicles should display signs requiring face coverings to be worn, and drivers should refuse to take passengers who refuse to wear a face-covering, except where the passenger is exempt. Passengers should comply with the requests of drivers in order to ensure safe procedures are followed during the journey. Here is more guidance on face coverings.

The Council has provided screens for private hire vehicles in order to place a barrier between the driver and passengers. These screens reduce the risk of Covid spreading during the journey.

Passengers should sanitise their hands on entering & exiting the vehicle.

Windows should be opened to provide ventilation.

Suspected or Confirmed Covid 19 case in a workplace:

Test and trace guidance explains how employers and businesses can play their part in the NHS test and trace programme to slow the spread of the virus, protect the health and care system and save lives.

COVID-19 Workplace Resource Pack has been designed to help manage workplace outbreaks is now available on the Lancashire County Council website. Always default to using the link to receive the most up to date advice and guidance as it is regularly reviewed and may change. 

Covid Testing for Taxi & Private Hire Drivers:


Asymptomatic (Rapid) Testing

A government scheme which provides free rapid tests for use by symptom free employees is now open to all employers regardless of size. The business must register by 31st March in order to receive free tests until the end of June. These tests should be repeated every 3-5 days.

Burnley also has 'three rapid Covid-19 testing sites' to help protect essential and other workers who cannot work from home. Here testing is completed quickly and the results will be sent within 30 minutes.

Symptomatic Testing

Where a driver has symptoms they should isolate and book a test - click here

Please note that this advice does change over time so it is best to look at the latest information on the Government website here


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