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Taxi and private hire

Coronavirus information:

Contact should be made by email to

Coronavirus Updates: 

Frequently asked questions and links to relevant government guidance - see here for answers to some FAQ`s

Some practical safety guidance for those in the Taxi Trade is here - This will also be useful for passengers.  The latest Government guidance is here

Details on grants can be found here

Drivers are strongly recommended to wear face-coverings. Passengers now must wear one unless exempt. Drivers should refuse to take passengers who refuse to wear a face-covering, except where the passenger is exempt. Passengers should comply with the requests of drivers in order to ensure safe procedures are followed during the journey. Here is more guidance on face coverings and here is a poster you can download and print and display in your vehicle or base.

Taxi Licence Application Processes

Knowledge tests, safeguarding training and Contact Burnley appointments are suspended.

If your taxi licence is due to expire we will write to you in advance with a reminder, which will explain the process currently in place to renew your licence.

Information on DBS services is available here 

Covid 19 testing for taxi and private hire drivers

Current advice is that members of the taxi and private hire trade are eligible for testing.

To book a test click here

In addition, because of the local increase in case numbers, local drop-in testing facilities are popping up in the town. These locations will vary and details will be publicised on the Council website. Drivers are encouraged to take regular tests and do not need to have symptoms to use the pop up testing facilities.

Please note that this advice does change over time so it is best to look at the latest information on the Government website here

Hackney Carriage Driver

The Council requires applicant's to fulfill certain criteria before they can be granted a licence. Click here to download current criteria.

Hackney Carriage Vehicle

New applications will only be accepted where vehicles comply with the current age limits. All vehicles should meet Burnley Borough Council's Conditions of Fitness for Hackney Carriages.

You can download an Application Form, Conditions of Fitness and Current Age Limits from the document list on the right.

Private Hire Operator

Any person who wishes to invite or accept bookings for private hire journeys from an address within Burnley is required by law to hold a licence issued by us.

You will be required to keep records of every journey and are responsible for ensuring that the journeys booked are completed.

We can only issue a Private Hire Operators licence if the premises that you wish to operate from is within the area of Burnley

How to apply for a new licence

Applicants must attend the Licensing Unit in person together with 

  • Planning permission, or a letter from the planning department stating that you do not need planning permission
  • Your Licence Fee – This will vary depending on the number of licensed vehicles that you wish to use at any one time  
  • Your completed application form
  • You will also be required to undergo a Criminal Record Bureau check which may take up to 5 weeks

What next?

If your application is successful and the company name you wish to use does not resemble another already licensed operator, then you will be issued with a licence and a copy of the Private Hire Operator's Conditions.

Private Hire Driver

The Council requires applicant's to fulfil certain criteria before they can be granted a licence. Click here to download current criteria.

Private Hire Vehicle

Private hire vehicles have to be licensed. Private hire vehicles are vehicles that cannot be hailed from the street, and all journeys must be pre-booked.

Vehicles  must conform to the Council's pre-licensing requirements, and be tested and inspected before a licence can be issued to ensure that they are mechanically fit, safe and comfortable.

The Council operates an age limit policy dependant on the type of vehicle you wish to licence.

Application forms for a private hire vehicle licence and licence conditions are available for download at the top right of this page and can also be collected from Contact Burnley at Parker Lane.


Complaints, comments or feedback regarding any of the above can be made by email to:

If you wish to report an incident involving a Burnley licenced taxi driver or vehicle then please provide as much information as possible including dates, times, addresses, taxi firm, licence plate or badge numbers, registration numbers, witnesses names & addresses together with a summary of the issue of concern. Send that information to

Please note taxis & taxi drivers are subject to the same road traffic rules and criminal laws as everyone else, and those matters should be reported to the police. Matters involving drivers and vehicles licenced in other council areas should be reported to the relevant licensing authority.



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