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What is Council Tax and how much you should pay

Council Tax is a local property based tax which helps fund local services provided by Lancashire County Council, Burnley Borough Council, Lancashire Fire Authority and the Lancashire Police Authority.

Each domestic property is placed in a valuation band which is determined by the Valuation Office. Most houses in Burnley fall into bands A and B. You can check the valuation band of any property by visiting the Valuation Office website.

2019/20 Council Tax

Our Council Tax bills for the year 2019/20 have been produced and will be issued from 6 March 2019 onwards. The links below will help you find out any additional information that you need about your Council Tax bill for 2019/20

Council Tax charges for 2019/20

Council Tax information leaflet 2019/20

Council Tax information shown on the back of the bill 2019/20 (for e-billing customers)

Council Tax Financial Information 2019/20

Council Tax % Increases 2019/20

Adult Social Care charges explained

The Government has put in place changes to the way in which Council Tax can be used to fund Adult Social Care services.  In this area, Adult Social Care is run by Lancashire County Council.  The changes mean that Councils who run Adult Social Care services can charge an additional ‘precept’ on the whole charge – separate from the increase applied to general funding.

For 2019/20, Lancashire County Council has increased its overall charge by 3.99%.  1% of the increase is to fund Adult Social Care and 2.99% is to fund General Expenditure.  

The amount charged during 2018/19 by Lancashire County Council for a Band D property was £1,294.92 and £82.75 of this charge related to Adult Social Care.

In 2019/20 Lancashire County Council's charge for a Band D property will increase to £1,346.59. This is an overall rise of  3.99% on last year, which includes £95.70 to fund Adult Social Care.

The Adult Social Care element has increased by 1% or £12.95 on the overall charge.

This is calculated as follows:

£12.95 (the amount of Adult Social Care increase) divided by £1,294.92 (last year’s overall charge) multiplied by 100 (to give a percentage figure).

  2018/19 Charge 2019/20 Charge Overall Increase Amount of Increase
General Expenditure  £                         1,212.17  £                         1,250.89  £                               38.72 2.99%
Adult Social Care Expenditure  £                               82.75  £                               95.70  £                               12.95 1.00%
Overall Charge  £                         1,294.42  £                         1,346.59  £                               52.17 3.99%

The  way that we work out this increase and show it on our Council Tax bills is prescribed by The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017. Please note that by law we must show increases on the bill to the nearest one decimal place – which means that in this case a 2.99% Lancashire County Council General Expenditure increase shows as 3.0%.

Council Tax Premium increases for properties that have been empty for over 2 years

Properties that have been unoccupied and unfurnished for more than two years are currently subject to an additional premium of 50%. This increases to 100% from 1st April 2019. This means that these properties are liable to pay 200% of the Council Tax from 1st April 2019

Email scam

We’ve been made aware that residents are some times being approached via email by a company claiming they are owed a council tax refund. The company usually asks residents to confirm certain details, including their bank details.

This is a scam and residents are advised not to give any details. They should delete any such emails.

If in doubt, always check with the council’s council tax team on 01282 425011 or email   

Is your Council Tax account in credit?

If your account is in credit, you may choose to leave the credit on the account to offset any future liability. Alternatively, you may request a refund. If you want to request a refund, please complete and return the Council Tax Refund Form. You can print this from the downloads on the right hand side of this page.

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