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Event Safety

Safe events in Burnley, drone policy, room booking policy

UPDATE: please read our standard information below but please also note the latest covid restrictions. Event organisers must read the national guidance and understand how to put on a covid secure event. Please note that the level of risk in a local area can change very quickly. The council reserves the right to refuse permission to hold events on its property and may cancel an event on its property at the last moment, according to the terms and conditions set out here. The council will follow the government's guidance in making any decisions.

Safe events in Burnley

Burnley Council organises and supports all kinds of events, big and small.

From the community bonfire to the Burnley 10k run and the Christmas lights switch on, we work hard to make sure everyone has a good time – and that they do so safely.

We work in close partnership with the Police, Lancashire County Council, emergency services and others so that things go as smoothly as possible.

The multi-agency ‘Events Safety Advisory Group’ is also there to advise you if you are organising your own event.

If you are planning an event on Council land, or involves a road closure, we will expect you to act on our advice as a condition of the booking, and that you meet all terms and conditions of booking (download also available on the right).

Even if your event is on private land, and entirely independent of the Council, we are pleased to provide information to help you fulfil your responsibilities, so that Burnley people and visitors to our borough can enjoy your event safely and in confidence.

These pages make all the documents and forms we use available to everybody.

Let us know what you’re doing by completing our event notification form (click the link or download from the right:  you can print this off, complete, and send to us. Or you can ‘save as’ your own document to your own computer, and when completed click ‘submit’ to send it to us as an email attachment to ).

There is a wealth of information – much of which will be relevant to you – in our Event Safety Information Pack, available as a download on the right and by clicking here

If you want to contact us for informal advice, just email us on

Some of the events which have recently been considered by the Burnley Events Safety Advisory Group, or which are being considered at our next meetings, are listed on the 'calendar of events' document downloadable on the right.

Managing the risks, making sure that you’re covered, getting insured

Whether it’s a local street party, a church walking day or an event you’re selling tickets for, there are lots of things to get right when you’re organising an event, from ensuring the safety of the people who come, to making sure you’re properly covered to broadcast music or serve food.

These pages cover the full list of things you may need to act on, from fire safety to highways issues.

Click the links on the right to find out more about issues you may need to deal with.

Key starting points are thinking about the event overall.

Completing our event notification form can help do that. It provides a checklist of issues.

At an early stage, complete a risk assessment form (click the link or download from the right: you can print this off, complete, and send to us. Or you can ‘save as’ your own document to your own computer, and when completed click ‘submit’ to send it to us as an email attachment to

Advice on completing risk assessments is available on the HSE website

Useful information can be found at and at

Things you need to think about in a risk insurance include any of the following that apply to your event:

·        Emergency Access and Egress from the Site/ buildings (A site plan should be drawn up indicating routes and procedures showing how they will be kept clear)

·        Risks from plant/ Machinery onsite/ fixtures onsite (those being used to set up and those that may be already occupying the event site

·        Fire Risk Assessment

·        Preventing access by non-ticket holders or anticipating and managing the numbers that will come to a non-ticketed event

·        Temporary structures (marquees, fencing, stages, platforms ensure no risk of collapse)

·        Crowd safety (ensuring enough stewards, integrity and positioning of barriers, crowd communication etc.)

·        Electrical safety (use of competent persons and certified work – your fire risk assessment should cover this)

There will be other, specific issues to think about in relation to your particular event.

Event planning

One tool you can use to help think through all the issues to do with your event is the 'analysis, prediction, response' model - there is a template and a completed example of the matrix for this in the set of documents downloadable on the right.

You also need to make sure that your event is covered by the appropriate insurance, covering both employer’s liability and public liability as appropriate.

Burnley Council run events are covered by our insurance. But please note that, even if your event is on our land, if it is actually organised by you, you will normally need your own separate insurance cover for the things you are responsible and liable for.

If you are subcontracting activities to another competent provider, we would suggest that you check their insurance too. Here is a checklist of things we suggest you look for on your contractor’s insurance documentation (click here or download from the right).

For fuller information on insurance, see The website has a range of other useful links and pages.

Events and council land

If you are planning an event on Burnley Council land, you will need to submit the event safety notification form and have this approved by us. You will also need to accept the terms and conditions of a booking ( you can print this off, complete, and send to us. Or you can ‘save as’ your own document to your own computer, and when completed click ‘submit’ to send it to us as an email attachment to

Events and licensing

If you want to carry out a ‘licensable activity’ on unlicensed premises, you will need to apply for a ‘Temporary Events Notice’ or TEN.

Licensable activity includes selling alcohol, serving alcohol to members of a private club, providing entertainment, e.g. music, dancing or indoor sporting events, or serving hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am. Even if the event is on licensed premises, you may need to apply for a TEN if the event isn’t covered by your normal licence.

For more information on applying for a TEN in Burnley, and to download the forms, go to


If your event involves fireworks, you should operate in line with the law - and with HSE advice -

You should also refer to the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service leaflet on Bonfire Safety Information, which also covers fireworks - download from the right.

Fairgrounds and bouncy castles and events

If you’re hoping to have fairground rides as part of your event, we would hope that you are working with a member of the Showmens Guild (link to ), or that you recognise the need to work in line with the Guild’s guidelines. These, for example, put limits on the number of events that can be organised within the vicinity of a site that has recently hosted a Guild member’s event.

If you are thinking about having bouncy castles or other inflatables at your event we will require site specific risk assessments in addition to the event organiser following HSE guidance, it is important that you act in line with this advice on insurance and safe operation - click here.

Concerned that an event could promote extremism or intolerance- see our Room booking policy?

If you are a venue manager, and you have a concern about an individual or organisation making a booking becauuse you think the booking could promote extremism or intolerance, please see our room booking policy and guide.

If you want to have an event within the town centre please contact Andrew Dean, Burnley BID Manager on 07867 353656 or

For more details on how to apply for premises in Burnley Market contact Marie Shaw on 01282 477300 or Click here for more details

Please note that, under Burnley’s Market Charter, anyone proposing to set up a market type operation within a six and two thirds mile radius of the town centre market cannot do so without a licence. For more details, contact Marie Shaw on 01282 477300 or

Drone policy

The council has adopted a policy on the use of drones, which is downloadable on the right. Any use of drones over council land or in relation to council supported events must comply with this policy. Some related useful information is here.

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