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General news

General news and event news.

Alleygates consultation


As part of a process of simplifying the orders under which alley gates are managed, the council is proposing that all existing and future schemes will be brought under one, borough-wide, Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

The move is an administrative one, removing the need to individually renew each scheme at the expiry of its 3-year term, and ensuring that the legal aspect of the program remains as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Positive test? How to protect your family, friends and neighbours

If you've got possible coronavirus symptoms, you should try to isolate from the other people you share the house with.

This is especially important if you live in a shared house with other people, such as students. Or if you live in a house with different generations such as children, parents and grandparents.

This helps to reduce the chance of it spreading between families.

Get ready for more al fresco eating and drinking in Burnley this summer

The government has enacted changes to pavement café licensing. Owners need a licence to place tables and chairs outside their café, bar or restaurant on the highway. The changes aim to offer a more quicker application process for a pavement café licence. 

The change is a temporary measure to support businesses selling food and drink, because social distancing guidance reduces the number of customers that can be served indoors. Use of outdoor spaces is also seen as a positive way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Annual electoral canvass begins

Local residents are being warned not to lose their voice on decisions that affect them by making sure their electoral registration details are up to date.

With borough, county and Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place across the borough of Burnley in May 2021, this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure they can take part.

St Peter's leisure centre to re-open

Burnley Leisure, the charitable trust operating leisure facilities and cultural services throughout East Lancashire, is delighted to announce the safe reopening of its flagship gym, swim and multi-sports facility on Saturday (July 25th).

Staff at St Peter’s leisure centre have been busy preparing to open its doors once more in line Government Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The centre was forced to close due to lockdown on March 20th.

Consultation launched as council reviews its licensing policy

A public consultation around Burnley Council’s policy on licensing a wide range of businesses from pubs and clubs to taxis has been launched. Under national legislation licensing authorities such as the council have to determine and publish their licensing policy every five years.

The council’s current policy covers up until Jan 2021 and so needs to be revised, updated and agreed by the authority by then.

Covid-19's impact on council budgets

Councillors are set to discuss a report on the potential financial impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on Burnley Council’s budgets.

The council is looking at a projected deficit of £3.4 million, around a quarter of its total annual budget, over the current financial year due to increased spending and loss of income as a result of the virus.

The report by the head of finance, Asad Mushtaq, says that the council’s reserves are not enough to meet the current funding shortfall and that further significant Government support is needed.


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