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General news

General news and event news.

Want to stand in this year’s borough elections?

Anyone interested in standing as a candidate or acting as an agent in borough council elections is being invited to attend a briefing session at Burnley Town Hall next week.

Voters will be asked to choose their local councillors when they go to the polls on 7th May. The Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election will be held on the same day.

A briefing for prospective candidates and agents will be held at Burnley Town Hall on Thursday 19th March at 5.15pm.

Hotline to report those who fail to clean up after their dogs

Burnley Council has launched a telephone hotline to enable residents to report irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after their pet.

The hotline – 01282 475932 – is part of a campaign to tackle dog fouling and catch those responsible for spoiling our communities.

The council is encouraging people to “dish the dirt” and help identify those owners who don’t clean up after their dogs, and highlight the “hot spots” where dog fouling is a particular problem so that enforcement work can be more targeted and effective.

Council puts climate change on the agenda

Burnley Council recognises and is addressing the climate change emergency that is dominating the headlines and which threatens our future.

It has established a cross-party working group to investigate ways the local authority can take and promote action to cut its carbon footprint and to adopt more environmentally-friendly ways of working.

The council has already taken a number of steps to reduce its carbon emmissions and to encourage others to do the same.

Chance for a natter with the council leader

Burnley Council leader Councillor Charlie Briggs is holding the latest in a series of “out and about” surgeries so that local people can raise issues and questions with him directly.

Coun. Briggs will be in Curzon Street, Burnley (between M&S and Next) on Saturday 8th Feb between 10.30am and 12.30pm, and at Tesco supermarket, Padiham, on Thursday 13th Feb 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

Just drop by – there's no need to make an appointment.

Arrangements for annual Holocaust memorial service in Burnley

Arrangements have now been made for the annual Holocaust memorial service to be held at the Peace Garden, Croft Street, Burnley starting at 12.30 pm on Sunday 26th January 2020.

The service will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp, and to honour all the victims of the Holocaust and assert a commitment to oppose racism, anti-Semitism, victimisation and genocide.

Residents urged to take pride in their communities

A leading Burnley councillor has urged residents across the borough to take more pride in their communities in 2020.

Councillor Cosima Towneley said Burnley Council could only effectively tackle the problem of flytipping with the help and support of local people.

“The council does what it can to keep our communities clean and tidy but it’s fighting a never-ending battle to try and keep our streets free of flytipping and the only way we can win that battle is with the help of residents," she said.

Council pledges to tackle dog fouling problems

Burnley Council has pledged to make tackling dog fouling in the borough a top priority in 2020.

A cross-party working group, set up by the new council administration to investigate the issue and find ways of reducing the problem that residents consistently highlight as among their top priorities, has reported its recommendations back to the full council.

One of the working group’s first recommendations has already been adopted by the council.


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