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Timetable set for Padiham Town Hall to reopen

Release date: 
Wednesday, 22 November, 2017

New Year 2018 will mark a new chapter for Padiham Town Hall.

Following the disastrous flooding of the building on Boxing Day two years ago, a complicated programme of reinstatement and flood resilience works has now been completed. This has been managed by Burnley Council and its business partner Liberata, with local builders Boys working as the main contractors.

The building has now been formally handed back to Padiham Town Council, which has set a timetable for activities to begin again.

Key dates are:

Monday 11th December 2017

·         Padiham residents and people and organisations who are interested in booking the town hall can book onto tours of the ballroom, cellars and kitchen areas, to look at the restoration work which has been done and hear about the works carried out. Tours take place at 11am, 1pm and 7pm. Numbers on the tours will be limited, and those who wish to visit the cellars will need to be able to negotiate steps. People are asked to book their place on a tour by contacting the Mayor of Padiham Ken Buckley on 07971 201394 or Padiham town councillor Jean Cunningham on 07989 462001.

Monday 18th December 2017

·         Bookings can be made by contacting the town council.

Monday 8th January 2018

·         The Mayor of Padiham will cut a ribbon to declare Padiham Town Hall officially “open” and activities will begin again with an afternoon of dancing in the ballroom.

Other events and balls are being planned over the coming months to celebrate and make use of the fact that this major facility is now available again for people to use and enjoy.

Councillor Mohammed Ishtiaq, executive member for resources at Burnley Council, said: “I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in this major project of repair and renewal – and I would also like to thank the people of Padiham for their patience during the period has been carried out. Major issues such as handling asbestos that had been disturbed in the flood meant that work had to be scheduled in phases.

“The completed works mean that Padiham Town Hall can now be brought back into use, with the added benefit that there is a high level of protection against future flooding, thus reducing the risk of further damage to the building and actual loss.

“The works which have been carried out include the repair and renewal of building elements that have been affected by the flood water such as decorative finishes, wall plaster, internal doors and casings, external doors and casings, windows, skirting boards, floors, partitions, services including gas, water and electricity, the boilers, and the ballroom floor itself.”

Mayor of Padiham Ken Buckley said: “We are really pleased that these substantial repairs are complete, and that Padiham Town Council has now taken back responsibility for our town hall.

“Now that it is under our control, there are some further routine works that we need to do over the next couple of months. These could not be started until all the work had been done to deal with asbestos after the flooding. Whilst we are doing these jobs, we will be organising the open day in December for local residents and for organisations who might want to book our facilities.

“The re-opening at the beginning of the new year will mark a new start for Padiham Town Hall. We are really pleased with the restoration work that has been carried out in the ball room, and the other modernising and flood resilience works which have been done. We are all looking forward to opening our door again to friends old and new.”

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