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Top Story

BBC Breakfast show falls in love with Towneley Park

“This must be one of the best parks in the country”

So said BBC reporter John Maguire as millions of TV viewers saw Towneley Park, Burnley, in all its morning glory.

The park and its historic hall formed the picturesque backdrop for a live broadcast into this morning’s (Friday) BBC Breakfast Show. The BBC was looking at the way managing Britain’s parks has changed in the light of national funding cuts.

Burnley Council has been recognised national for its innovative approach to managing not only parks, but grass and woodland and other open areas.

Burnley plays major role in canal’s 200th anniversary celebrations

Whether you’re a true landlubber, or you fancy yourself as a salty sailor at heart, everyone is invited to celebrate the 200th anniversary of one of Burnley’s greatest assets.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal bicentenary celebrations reach a high point this October as the historic short boat Kennet re-creates the inaugural ceremonial journey 127 miles across the Pennines from Leeds to Liverpool.

The aim is to recreate the celebrations seen in 1816 all along the waterway when the inaugural journey was made by canal barge.

Bandstand on its way to a new home

Work is underway to painstakingly take apart the bandstand in Burnley town centre and re-assemble it at its new home.

The bandstand is being moved from St James Street to Memorial Park, Padiham, where it will be used for concerts and other public events.

The move is part of the ongoing major refurbishment of the town centre. The work will also include the removal of the nearby “charity arch” building and the creation of a new “town square” area which could be used for public events in future.

Children issue 'road safety' message to motorists

Councillors and residents join forces to call for safer driving on Moseley Road

When school children living on Moseley Road in Burnley showed Christine White some drawings they had done about road safety, she didn’t just say she liked them.

Christine, who was elected as a local councillor earlier this year, took it as a spur to step up a local campaign.

She arranged for the drawings to be turned into large posters to remind motorists that the speed limit on the road is 20 miles per hour.

Get up close to ancient Egypt

Sessions at Towneley Hall give visitors a chance to handle and discuss items and artefacts from the time of the pharaohs

Ever wanted to find out more about life in ancient Egypt?

Have you wondered what mysterious stories lie behind some of the varied items and artefacts that are held in Burnley’s Towneley Hall?

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons over the next couple of weekends, you have a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most interesting items in the museum.

Boundary proposals go on show in Burnley

People are being encouraged to take part in a consultation to help shape the future of Burnley’s Parliamentary boundary.

The 12-week consultation is part of a national review of Parliamentary areas – those which an MP represents rather than borough or other boundaries.

Maps showing the proposals affecting Burnley and surrounding areas, plus further information and booklets, are available to view at Burnley Town Hall reception.

In Lancashire it is proposed to reduce the number of constituencies by two, to 14.


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