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Footballer kicks bottle and can into recycle box


Your council is upgrading recycling equipment to make it easier for you to play your part in saving energy and reducing your town’s carbon footprint.

Simply tell us your address and we’ll tell you whether you’re on wheelie bins or boxes.


Got a recycling bin? You're on a 4 weekly collection.
For new bin users only, our text service will let you know when it is recycling day.

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Burnley Council is working to improve recycling rates to help protect the environment. Only 34% of the borough’s household waste is recycled- we need to up our game.

It’s a game of two halves when it comes to collecting recyclable household items such as glass, cans, plastics, paper and cardboard - around half of households are on a wheelie bin system while the remainder use a box and bag system.



  • Each household in the borough receives a new collection calendar every 12 months telling you which bin to put out on what day
  • You can check whether you are on a wheelie bin or box collection by visiting here
  • Replacement/additional boxes and bags are free
  • Recycling wheelie bins are emptied every four weeks; boxes and bags every two weeks. Non-recyclable rubbish (claret wheelie bin) is collected every fortnight under both systems.


  • Why have two different systems? We listened to feedback from residents throughout the borough who want to recycle more and undertook a review of the recycling collection system which identified that one size doesn’t fit all. So we’ve tried to find a tailored system that works best for the majority of residents.
  • How will I know what system I’m on?You will be able to check by visiting here and simply typing in your address
  • How can I find out when collection days are?You will be advised of your collection days via a collection calendar which will be sent to each house during September each year. You can also check online
  • Why can’t people just have a choice - wheelie bin or box?Areas in the borough need to be on the same collection rounds, either wheeled bins or boxes, to prevent collection issues with the recycling vehicles, collection frequencies and collection crews.
  • What happens if I lose my wheelie bin or it gets stolen/damaged?Replacement wheelie bins will be charged at the current council policy. We must supply the bin to ensure it fits with our lorries. The current cost for a replacement (which may change in future) is £29.95. Boxes and bags are free.
  • Won’t it mean the bin will get smelly/attract flies if I have to keep rubbish in it up to a month?No, residents will continue to rinse any recycling items before putting into the wheeled bin ensuring that odours are kept to a minimum. You can crush cans to create more room.


  • What if I don't want a wheelie bin and I'm happy with my blue box? We have to keep the system the same in each neighbourhood to ensure that the collections run smoothly. This helps keep the cost of collections down.
  • Where do I need to keep it? You may store your wheeled bin with your claret bin or wherever is most convenient on your property. You must present it for collection at the same place as you present your claret bin.
  • Can I put my house number or a mark on my bin to identify it?Residents are encouraged to highlight their house number or mark their wheeled recycling bin.
  • What happens if I fill up my bin before it's due to be emptied - can I have two bins for recycling?Please squash any recycling materials before putting them into the recycling containers. The council will do an assessment of the amount of recycling being presented, and may offer additional wheeled bins after the initial roll out of the service.
  • What happens if I put non-recycling/general rubbish in my recycling wheelie bin/box?The bin will not be collected and a sticker will be placed on the bin highlighting the items that can be recycled.


  • What happens if I want a wheelie bin but I have not been allocated one?The council will undertake a full service review by September 2020 to assess if there are any other areas which may wish to move onto the new system.
  • What happens if I put non-recycling/general rubbish in my recycling wheelie bin/box?The bin will not be collected and a sticker will be placed on the bin highlighting the items that can be recycled.
  • I don’t currently have a box or white sack?If you currently don’t have any recycling equipment, you can request one online by visiting the council's website