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Brunshaw is to the east of the town centre, and covers neighbourhoods of mainly terraced streets and large housing estates before climbing the hill to Worsthorne and Cliviger.

This ward also covers part of Towneley Park, and there are beautiful views out across the park from many parts of this area. Alongside Towneley, popular beauty spot Rowley Lake is part of Brunshaw ward, which forms part of Brun Valley Forest Park.


Key statistics:

Brunshaw’s population is 6,253 (2011 census figures).

Just over 60% of housing in Brunshaw is terraced housing or flats.

The average age of Brunshaw residents is 41.7 years. There is a decreasing 0-15 population, and an increasing 45-64 age group.

97% of residents are white / white British.

57% of residents are employed, which compares with a borough wide employment rate of 58%. There has been a 3% increase in economic activity since the last census despite there being a large increase in benefit claimants.

Reported crime fell by 3%, and anti-social behaviour by 18%, between 2010-12.

42% of people rate their health as very good. 74% of Brunshaw residents state that their health has no impact on their day to day activities, whilst 13% of residents state that they are limited a lot. Life expectancy is 72.8 years for men, and 80.4 years for women.    


Views out over Towneley Hall and the surrounding countryside, Rowley Lake.  

Parks and green spaces:

Towneley Park

Brun Valley Forest Park


Towneley golf course 

Angling on Rowley Lake 

Schools and colleges:


Brunshaw Primary School, Morse Street, BB10 4PB: 01282 423280 


Unity College, Towneley Holmes, BB11 3DF: 01282 683014 

Your ward councillors are:

Councillor Tony Harrison, Labour

Councillor Lian Pate, Labour

Councillor Mark Townsend, Labour

For more detailed information about Councillors, please click here

Community groups and centres:

Belmont Community Centre, Belmont Avenue

Barnes Court Residents' Association

Friends of Brun Valley Forest Park: contact 

Places of Worship:

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Morse Street

Brunshaw Methodist Church, Rimington Avenue

Doctors, dentists and chemists:

Lyndhurst Dental Practice, Lyndhurst Road

Did you know?

Until the building of houses on a large scale in the 19th and 20th centuries, the area was largely rural. The land was almost totally owned by the Towneley family, which was granted to them in the Middle Ages.

The area’s name means ‘wood by the brown river’, ‘shaw’ coming from the Old English work ‘sceaga’, for ‘wood’ and the Brun being the waterway that gave its name to the whole town.

Find out more

If you’d like more information on statistics or issues in Brunshaw, or to find out more about the community groups and facilities in the area, contact the local ward councillors, or the community engagement officers at the town hall, Manchester Road, Burnley BB11 9SA.

Tel: 01282 477198


Contact us on this email, too, if there is anything you’d like to see added or changed on this page.

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