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Coal Clough with Deerplay

Clowbridge Reservoir, Burnley

Coal Clough with Deerplay ward covers an area of residential properties in the south west of Burnley, and the Rossendale Road industrial estate – an important employment area for the borough, which is home to some of our best known and world leading companies.

The ward extends out to the south of the borough through the open moorland areas with great views which people admire as they take the bus route to Manchester.

In terms of area covered, it is largely a rural ward, containing the areas of Clowbridge and Dunnockshaw that border Rossendale. It is also home to Clowbridge reservoir, a popular spot for sailing and wind surfing.

Key statistics:

Coal Clough with Deer Play’s population is 5,122 (2011 census figures).

Most housing in this area consists of semi-detached properties. 

The average age of Coal Clough residents is 42.3 years. There is a slightly higher proportion of people aged 45+ than other Burnley wards.

98% of residents are white / white British.

59% of residents are employed, which compares with a borough wide employment rate of 58%. Coal Clough with Deerplay has had a significant increase in benefit claimants over recent years.

All reported crime has fallen by 7%, anti-social behaviour by 47%. This is the highest fall in any Burnley wards  There have been large scale decreases in burglary, vehicle crime and drugs offences.

77% of residents do not consider themselves limited by health problems, and 43% of people rate their health as very good. Life expectancy is 72.5 years for men and 77.1 years for women.    


Clowbridge reservoir

Parks and green spaces:

Scott Park, which contains ball courts, tennis courts, woodland walks and much more.


Burnley Golf Course

Schools and colleges:


Christ the King RC Primary School, Calderbrook Avenue, BB11 4RB: 01282 429108

Special School

The Rose School, Greenock Street, bb11 4DT: 01282 683050


Hameldon Community College, Coal Clough Lane, BB11 5BT: 01282 683040 

Your ward councillors are:

Councillor Gordon Birtwistle, Liberal Democrat

Councillor Margaret Brindle, Independent

Councillor Bill Brindle, Independent

For more detailed information about Councillors, please click here


Community groups and centres:

Coal Clough Lane Residents Association, Graham Roberts, 01282 831388,

Dunnockshaw & Clowbridge Parish Council, Olwen Riley, 01282 411616,

Habergham Eaves Parish Council

Macular Disease Support Group

Did you know?

Clowbridge reservoir was built in 1866 following the flooding of the village of Gambleside.

Find out more

If you’d like more information on issues in Coal Clough with Deerplay, or to find out more about the community groups and facilities in the area, contact the local ward councillors, or the community engagement officers at the town hall, Manchester Road, Burnley BB11 9SA.

Tel: 01282 477198


Contact us on this email, too, if there is anything you’d like to see added or changed on this page.

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