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Gannow ward spreads out to the west of the town going into Padiham. The ward begins at Gannow junction and includes the area around the former Habergham High School. The majority of the ward is to the south of Padiham Road and, along with Queensgate, is the smallest ward in the borough in terms of area covered.


Key statistics:

Gannow’s population is 5,651 (2011 census figures) - a decrease of 3.4% since the 2001 census.

The proportion of terraced housing is relatively high in Gannow, at 56%. Detached housing accounts for a relatively small proportion of all housing.

The average age of Gannow residents is 39.6 years, with an increasing 45-64 age group.

98% of local residents are white/white British.

62% of residents are employed, which compares with a borough wide employment rate of 58%. There has been a 4% increase in economic activity since last census despite there being an increase in benefit claimants.

Between 2010-12, reported crime in Gannow fell by 7% and anti-social behaviour by 33%. There were significant decreases in burglary and vehicle crime.

76% of residents do not consider themselves limited by their health problems. 44% of Gannow people rate their health as very good.  Life expectancy is 73.6 years for men, and 79.2 years for women.    

Parks and green spaces:

Ightenhill Park, which features bowling greens, and a multi-use ball court. There are tennis courts just across the road from the park – these are in the neighbouring ward of Ightenhill!

Playing fields and recreation ground off Lockyer and Sycamore Avenues


The Children’s Centre, Oak Street 

The Nursery, Lionel Street 

Schools and colleges:


Whittlefield Primary School, Tabor Street BB12 0HL : 01282 429419 

Ightenhill Primary School, Alder Street BB12 6ED: 01282 428246

Your ward councillors are:

Councillor Charles Briggs, Liberal Democrat

Councillor Neil Mottershead, Liberal Democrat

Councillor Mark Payne, Liberal Democrat

For more detailed information about Councillors, please click here

Community groups and centres:  

Palace House & WoodbineTenants & Residents Group, Eileen Thompson, 01282 830126

Gannow Community Centre, Adamson Street, 01282 436396

Middlesex Avenue Over 50s' Club

The Big Local is a lottery funded, community-based organisation, planning a range of activities in the area over coming years. To find out more contact

Places of Worship:

Padiham Road Methodist Church, corner of Brassey Street and Padiham Road

Life Church, Sycamore Avenue

Doctors, dentists and chemists:

Ightenhill Medical Centre, Tabor Street

Kiddrow Lane Health Centre, Kiddrow Lane

Padiham Road Dental Centre, Padiham Road

Cohens Chemist, Padiham Road

Did you know?

Gannow really grew as an area with the coming of the industrial revolution and the cotton mills. Walmseley’s weaving shed on Gannow Lane was one of the biggest in the world at one stage, with over 1800 looms. It stood next to the Gannow Wharf pub. This still has doors that open onto the canal. The local stretch of the Leeds to Liverpool was built in 1801, and this meant building the 559 yard long Gannow Tunnel. This was one of the most difficult projects of its kind, because mine works in the area had disturbed the water table and rocks. The canal boats were ‘legged’ through the tunnel while horses were taken over the top along what is still referred to by some as Boat Horse Lane. The terraced housing between Padiham Road and the canal was first built as homes for workers in the local mills and factories.

Find out more

If you’d like more information on statistics or issues in Gannow, or to find out more about the community groups and facilities in the area, contact the local ward councillors, or the community engagement officers at the town hall, Manchester Road, Burnley BB11 9SA.

Tel: 01282 477198


Contact us on this email, too, if there is anything you’d like to see added or changed on this page.

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