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Lanehead, once the centre of hand loom weaving in the north of the town, is now home to some of Burnley’s biggest manufacturing firms. One of these is Aircelle, the borough’s biggest private sector employer.

The area around Aircelle - Innovation Drive - is being redeveloped as an aerospace supplier village, and so the ward’s profile as a hub of economic activity and high quality employment looks set to continue.

The long distance walk, the Burnley Way crosses through the south of this ward, through Goit Wood and up into Brun Valley Forest Park.

There are also, of course, a range of residential areas.

Key statistics:

Lanehead’s population is 5,904 (2011 census figures) .

The proportion of semi-detached housing in Lanehead is high, and the proportion of terraced housing compared to the Burnley average is low.

The average age of Lanehead residents is 40.4 years. Relative to the comparator areas, Lanehead has followed a similar trend when looking at the age group change over time.

82% of residents are white/white British. There has been an increase in the number of Asian residents in this area since the last census. 92% of people speak English as a first language, with nearly all other residents comfortable using English as their second language. 

56% of residents are employed, which compares with a borough wide employment rate of 58%. However the increase in number of people claiming benefits in this ward is one of the lowest in Burnley.

Reported crime in Lanehead fell by 9% between 2010-12, and anti-social behaviour by 35%. There was a large scale decrease in burglary.

77% of residents do not consider themselves limited by their health problems. 41% of Lanehead people rate their health as very good. Life expectancy is 74.7 years for men, and 82.3 years for women. For women, this is well above the borough and national averages.    

Parks and Green Spaces:

Goit Wood and the entrance to the Brun Valley Forest Park


Burnley Youth Theatre

Cricket ground at Heasandford

Schools and colleges:


Casterton Primary School, Thames Avenue, BB10 2PZ: 01282 435657 

St John the Baptist RC Primary School, Thames Avenue, BB10 2PZ: 01282 438120 


Sir John Thursby Community College, Eastern Avenue, BB10 2AT: 01282 682313 

Ridgewood Community High School, Eastern Avenue, BB10 2AT: 01282 682316 

Your ward councillors:

For detailed information about Councillors, please click here

Community groups and centres:

Central Briercliffe Road Action Group

Ennismore Street Aerobic Club

Places of Worship:

Briercliffe Road Church, Eldwick Street

Doctors, dentists and pharmacies:

Rowlands Pharmacy, Briercliffe Road

Did you know?

In the 18th Century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, parts of the ward were an important centre for hand loom weaving. Cottages at Jib Hill, off Marsden Road, remain amongst the best examples of hand loom weavers’ cottages anywhere in northern England. They display virtually all the original architectural features typical of this type of dwelling.

Hand loom weaving suffered a great crisis in the mid nineteenth century. Weaving grew rapidly and massively as an industry – but the work transferred into the new mills and weaving sheds, pushing some of the families that had worked the hand looms in their cottages into destitution.

Workers who had been famous a few years before for regularly having five pound notes in their pockets were now forced to eke out survival on a few shillings.

And…on Netherwood Road there was a cotton weaving shed which was the first in the country to use electricity to run the machinery.

Find out more

If you’d like more information on statistics or issues in Lanehead, or to find out more about the community groups and facilities in the area, contact the local ward councillors, or the community engagement officers at the town hall, Manchester Road, Burnley BB11 9SA.

Tel: 01282 477198


Contact us on this email, too, if there is anything you’d like to see added or changed on this page.

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