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Rosegrove with Lowerhouse

Rosegrove with Lowerhouse takes in a very varied area of Burnley. In the north west of the borough, this ward contains the the main road to Hyndburn, and also Burnley Cemetery and Crematorium. It also includes Griffin, Barclay Hills and Stoops housing estates

Key statistics:

Rosegrove with Lowerhouse has a population of 6,585 (2011 census figures) – an increase of 11.7% since the 2001 census. This is the highest increase in any ward’s population over this ten year period.

As in many other wards, there is considerable variety in the types and quality of housing across different neighbourhoods: new detached developments in some areas, large estates of social housing in others. The proportion of detached housing in Rosegrove with Lowerhouse is relatively low.

Terraced and semi-detached properties account for the majority of housing.  The proportion of traditional terraced properties is decreasing whilst other types are seeing slight growth.

The average age of Rosegrove residents is 36.7 years. There are slightly more residents aged 0-15 compared to most other wards. There is an increasing 45-64 age group.

97% of residents are white/white British. 

60% of residents are employed, which compares with a borough wide employment rate of 58%. However there has been an increase in number of people claiming benefits in this ward.

Reported crime in Rosegrove fell by 11% between 2010-12, and anti-social behaviour by 36%. There was significant decreases in burglary, vehicle crime and criminal damage.

79% of residents do not consider themselves limited by their health problems. 45% of Rosegrove people rate their health as very good. Life expectancy is 73.2 years for men, and 75.3 years for women. For women in particular, this is well below the borough and national averages.    


Rosegrove railway station

Lowerhouse Cricket Club

Rosegrove Library, Rosegrove Lane 

Schools and colleges:


Rosegrove Infant School, Owen Street, BB12 6HW:  01282 424919 

Cherryfold Community Primary School, Cog Lane, BB11 5JS: 01282 426630 

Lowerhouse Junior School, Liverpool Road, BB12 6LN: 01282 426774 

Saint Augustine’s RC Primary School, Lowerhouse Lane, BB12 6HZ: 01282 426938


Hameldon Community College

Your ward councillors are:

Councillor Bea Foster, Labour

Councillor Marcus Johnstone, Labour

Councillor Paul Reynolds, Labour

Community groups and centres:

Rosegrove Action Group, Mr Parkinson, 01282 428954

Stoops & Hargher Clough Youth & Community Centre, Hargher Street

Lowerhouse Lodges Luncheon Club

Greenbrook Lodges Luncheon Club

Places of Worship:

Parkside Methodist Church, Cog Lane

Parish Church of Saint Mark the Evangelical, Rossendale Road

Christus Heri Hodie Semper, Hordley Street

Greenbrook Methodist Church, Greenbrook Road

Doctors, dentists and pharmacies:

Rosegrove Surgery, Gannow Lane

Bailey & Garrett Chemist, Gannow Lane

Did you know?

Rose Grove was once very important because of its railway station. Built between 1846 and 1848, by the turn of the century this area housed many railway workers.

At the time the station was built the area was mainly agricultural land, whilst neighbouring Lowerhouse contained many mills and print works. The addition of the railway started the development of the area in earnest.

After the war the goods yards expanded further, and their purpose was carrying the large amounts of coal from nearby Yorkshire pits around Lancashire. The yard had capacity for over 1,000 good wagons.  The steam engine sheds, which could hold up to 50 steam trains, closed in 1968, one of the last three engine sheds to close in England.

Find out more

If you’d like more information on statistics or issues in Rosegrove with Lowerhouse, or to find out more about the community groups and facilities in the area, contact the local ward councillors, or the community engagement officers at the town hall, Manchester Road, Burnley BB11 9SA.

Tel: 01282 477198


Contact us on this email, too, if there is anything you’d like to see added or changed on this page.

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