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Bereavement Services

Coronavirus information:

To help limit the spread of CoVid19 the maximum permitted number of mourners allowed to attend  crematorium and cemetery chapels and graveside for a funeral service is 30. It is now a mandatory requirement by law that mourners in attendance at crematorium/cemetery chapels or facilities wear a face covering at all times. It is further advised that whilst gathering outside visitors attending funerals take the aditional precaution of wearing a face covering/mask at all times.

Social distancing of 2 metres must still be observed at all times whenever possible.

Those attending may include:

  • members of the person’s household
  • close family members
  • or if the above are unable to attend, close friends
  • friends

Households that live together may sit or stand together but mourners or groups of mourners that do not co-habit must observe social distancing of 2 metres at all times.

We advise anyone showing symptoms of CoVid19 not to attend services.

With exception to the 30 permitted mourners who may attend an individual funeral at our sites, the Council strongly advises against further visitors attendance as this would be in direct breach of current government guidelines.


Important Notice

Due to the placement of a temporary four way traffic light system at the Rosegrove junction (A646/A679) from the 4th November for a period upto 52 weeks, It is anticipated that some delays will be experienced by vehicles approaching from all directions. Consequently we advise visitors attending services at the crematorium site to allow additional journey time to ensure their prompt arrival.

Due to and during future road closure(s) commencing in January 2020 of a section of the A679 Accrington Road between the Network 65 roundabout and the Rosegrove junction (A646/A679), a diversion will be in operation for vehicular traffic requiring access to the Cemetery and Crematorium sites. 

Please click here for further information or click on the link on the downloads section of this page.

The Bereavement Service forms part of the Green Spaces and Amenities Service Unit.

We aim to provide a well organised and dignified burial and cremation service by responding promptly and sensitively to the needs of the bereaved, and by striving to meet the following:

  • Provide a service in accordance with the ICCM Charter for the Bereaved
  • Ensure that the service meets the needs of all faiths and religions and is responsive to the needs of every individual
  • Maintain a safe and attractive environment for burial and cremation
  • Conduct services in accordance with statutory legislation
  • Provide access to information and advice for the bereaved
  • Work closely with funeral directors, memorial masons, the NHS and other organisations to ensure professionalism and high standards througout bereavement services

Contact Bereavement Services

Click here to view cemetery and crematorium fees and charges

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