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Housing advice and homelessness

Burnley Council's Housing Advice team has responsibility for the following services:

  • Housing Advice and Housing Options
  • Homelessness

Housing Advice

The Housing Advice team work towards helping people with general enquiries, aiming to prevent homelessness wherever possible, or provide options for rehousing. This is done through housing advice, consideration of housing options and appropriate referrals to support organisations where required. Depending on your particular circumstances it may be possible to prevent you potentially becoming homeless or needing to seek alternative accommodation. Below are details of options which you may consider prior to seeking alternative accommodation. 

If you are at risk of repossession?

If you are an owner occupier - local Citizen's Advice Bureau may be able to advise you about your options which include debt advice and dealing with arrears - see Advice Agencies in and around Burnley. A range of initiatives have also been produced which may help prevent you being repossessed which include:

If you are at risk of eviction?

If you are living in a housing association property - Housing Advice are happy to liaise on your behalf with the housing association to try and resolve issues such as rent arrears / anti-social behaviour which has resulted in you being given notice to leave.  

If you do wish to move, as a housing association tenant you could seek a transfer, or apply to swap houses with another housing association tenant through a mutual exchange. You would need to contact your landlord for further information on how these schemes work.

Housing Options

Where it is not possible to prevent homelessness, there are a number of options for rehousing and support in and around Burnley which include :  

Applying for a Housing Association Property through B-With-Us Choice Based Lettings- There is no longer any Council housing in Burnley. The Council has transferred its housing to Calico which is a housing association. There are a number of Housing Associations have homes for rent in the Burnley Area. They are organisations whose purpose is to offer a good standard of accommodation at reasonable rents.

The Council have entered into a partnership with other Councils and housing associations in the Pennine Lancashire area to allocate housing under the B-with-us choice-based lettings scheme. Using this scheme, you can choose the right home from a list of available properties in the area you would like to live.

There are also a few housing associations not part of B-with-us who you can also approach for rehousing.

Supported Housing

There are a number of supported housing schemes and housing related support project that operate in and around the Burnley area. All cater for persons who have specific support needs.

Sheltered Accommodation

There are a number of housing options, assistance and advice for older people in the borough of Burnley.

Private Rented Sector Housing

One of the quickest ways to find alternative accommodation within Burnley is to consider renting privately. This link covers information you may need to consider prior to taking on a private rented tenancy, how to pay for private rented accommodation through local housing allowance and how tenancy protection schemes work.  

Bond Scheme

The Council operates a Bond Guarantee Scheme which may help you access alternative accommodation within the private rented sector. 


If it is not possible to prevent your homelessness or to locate alternative accommodation in time, you may wish to apply as homeless. All local authorities have a legal responsibility to help homeless people and their families, and to ensure their rights are upheld. This duty arises under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002.  

Advice and support

Advice Agencies in and around Burnley

There are various support agencies within the Burnley area who may be able to offer you support in maintaining your home, help with a new home or support such as advocacy.   


The Calico Partnership offers floating support and advice to people who need assistance to gain skills to live independently. The type of support on offer includes:

  • finding a home that meets your needs
  • help in setting up and managing a home
  • guidance in working with other agencies
  • helping you to deal with money
  • getting the right benefits
  • help to access education, training and employment
  • assisting people to get involved in their community
  • maintain or rebuild support networks

Contact Housing Advice

If you wish to contact us or would like to make an appointment please click on the link for details on how to get in touch. 

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