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Making your views known

Commenting on an application

Under Planning law the Council must publicise all planning applications in order to give local residents or any other interested party the opportunity to submit their comments on the proposal. So it is up to you to have your say!

We welcome all comments on planning proposals whether they are in favour of the development or against it. They help us make the best decisions.

  • The easiest way to submit comments is through our  online planning application site: Public Access. In order to comment you must first register and be signed in to our 'Public Access' site. Search for the application you want to comment on, then click "Make a comment."
  • Alternatively, comments can be sent by letter addressed to Development Control, Town Hall, Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 9SA. You need to clearly state your name, address, the proposal and reference number together with your reasons for either objecting to or supporting the application.


We welcome all comments, but in making a decision we can only take into account planning considerations.

The lists below are not exhaustive but set out some examples of what are considered to be planning issues and what cannot be taken into account.

What can be taken into consideration:

Examples of material planning considerations include:

  • Local and national planning policies
  • Previous planning application and appeal decisions
  • Principles of case law established through the courts
  • Design, layout and appearance of a proposal
  • Impact on trees or on the landscape
  • Access and parking
  • Highway safety issues
  • Loss of privacy and increased overlooking or overshadowing
  • Loss of sunlight
  • Increased noise and disturbance
  • Smells and fumes
  • Impact on ecological features
  • Impact on historic buildings or their settings
  • Increased flood risk

What cannot be taken into consideration:

Examples of issues that are not regarded as planning considerations:

  • Loss of views
  • Effect on property values
  • Loss of trade from competing business
  • Boundary or land ownership disputes
  • Access to neighbouring property for maintenance purposes
  • Damage to property during construction
  • Covenants on the land (these are a matter for the owner of the land)
  • The fact that the development has already started
  • Potential motives of the applicant
  • Matters controlled under other legislation, e.g. Building Regulations; fire precautions; matters covered by licences.
  • Problems arising during construction period, e.g. noise, dust, temporary parking problems

Please note all consultation responses are available for public inspection as part of the planning applications files.


Click here for information about the meetings of the Development Control committee.

Information about your right to speak at the Development Control committee is available by clicking here, and a leaflet about having your say is available by clicking here.

If you wish to make a request to speak on an item on the agenda for the Development Control Committee then please use the form which you can download by clicking here,  and return to the Council's Democracy section at



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