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Safer Streets home security scheme

Free home security improvements

Two areas of Burnley have been chosen to benefit from the Safer Streets project.

This provides Home Office funding to be used in specific crime “hot spots” with the aim of making residents feel safer in their homes. 

It follows a successful joint bid to Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner by Burnley Council, Lancashire Police and other partners which resulted in £549,500 of funding from the Home Office’s Safer Streets initiative. Burnley was one of only two areas in Lancashire to receive the funding. 

New CCTV networks, motion sensor lights, secure gates and doors and motorbike barriers are just some of the measures that could be implemented in parts of the Bank Hall and Burnley Wood areas. 

The two areas, which each cover a small number of terraced rows, were chosen because of their high rates of crime and anti-social behaviour. The funding only applies to these two areas and, given the limited resources, will be targeted at the most vulnerable properties within those areas. 

If you live at one of the addresses listed at the bottom of this page and want to benefit from these free security measures please read the following information and apply.

Two local firms have been awarded contracts to undertake the home security work - REMEC and Blakeys. 

That work will include:

· New front and back door locks

· A new back door

· A new back gate

· Security lighting

· Home security kits (to security mark items)

There is limited availability, and you are advised to apply as soon as possible if you believe your home requires these security improvements.

In addition, we are keen to hear your suggestions regarding how you, your home and your neighbourhood can become safer.

Both homeowners and tenants are equally able to apply by emailing or ringing Burnley (01282) 425011, speak to someone in streetscene and simply providing your name, address and contact details.

Safer Streets - Get in touch

The following addresses only can apply for these measures.

Burnley Wood:

Hollingreave Rd 1-113 and 2-160

Dall St 1-141, 2-104

Parkinson St 1-109, 2-102

Emily St 1-31, 2-64

Brunswick St 83-93, 84

Plumbe St 56-96

Glebe Street. 61and 42-66

Parliament St 71-139, 60-86

Reed St 1-103, 2-100

Branch Rd 1-141, 4-146

Springfield Rd 55-93, 98-112

Hale St 1

Kirkgate 47-51, 14-18 and 34

Hornby St 2-34

Leyland Road area:

Belvedere Rd 2-106

Albert Rd 5-137, 16-50

Hobart St 1-35, 2-36

Leyland Rd 1-163, 2-138

Sandhurst St 1-29, 2-30

Hunslet St 1-31, 2-32

Thurston St 1-33, 2-42

Lindsay St 3-75, 2-62

Hawk St 5-11, 4-20

Forest St 1-45, 2-18

Ridge Rd 1-5, 2-6

Hart St 6-54

Godley St 1-29, 2-26

Talbot St 2-52

Brown Square 1-13

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